Established in 2004, Cebu A.I Logic, Inc. aims to meet the challenges of the new millennium as a total IT solutions provider. Though AI Logic is a very young dynamic company, it has been making waves throughout the Visayas and Mindanao marketplace. It grows its client base exponentially in a short span of time. We focused on providing feasible, effective, and reliable solutions for BPOs, small-medium enterprises, government and academic sectors, manufacturing and large-scale corporations. With the quantum leap of technology, we at AI never sleeps, we took down notes. We constantly reinvent and research on the latest trends in order to serve better the ever-growing market

The company not only answers the demands for a more competent distribution of microcomputers but also integrates business solutions to enable companies to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. It takes into consideration the increasing needs of the IT market carrying through such products as standalone PCs, network and multi-user operating systems, original software, business software applications, personal computers, network and application servers, printers, mobile IT solutions, CCTV systems, biometric devices, high-tech gadgets, barcode scanners and printers, computer peripherals.

At AI Logic, every delivery made, marks the beginning of a lasting relationship. AI team is composed of well-trained and competent experts in the field of information technology. We put a lot of dedication, hard work, and quality in everything we do. Fundamental in its thrusts is the inclusion of training, consultancy, hardware maintenance, and a comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support program in addition to the other services it offers

Cebu A.I Logic is committed in providing the best possible support to our clients.